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Influenser Profile: Zoila Darton

Zoila Darton is more than an influencer, she is a force.

If you want to deepen your knowledge on how to be part of the change and how to support the black community during this time, follow her personal account @ZoilaDarton and her agency’s account @Word.Agency.

As founder of WORD, Zoila works daily to connect & support women & marginalized communities through storytelling, community events, business strategy and brand relationships that seek to preserve authentic cultural narratives.

She is a strong, tenacious, passionate & fiercely creative Afro-Latina, who always speaks her mind and has vast knowledge of marketing, branding, production and the music industry.

What we specially love about Zoila is how she is unapologetically herself, so willing to share her gifts and knowledge with others and someone who you can always count on to support you and root for your success.

We are grateful to know Zoila and we know you will be too.

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