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INFLUENSER Profile: Rossana Vanoni

Rossana Vanoni is an Ecuadorian, Miami girl living in LA, and an influencer who is not only making a splash in fashion and beauty, but also inspiring others with her story of strength and perseverance. As a Stage 3 Liposarcoma Cancer survivor, Rossana has not only inspired fashion trends but also impacted the lives of her followers.  What first started as fun instagram posts, eventually led her to launch her blog as an outlet for sharing the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She covers topics including food, travel and design, and has mastered the art of mixing hi and low fashion seamlessly.  She enjoys her live in LA, living by the beach with her dogs Chloe and Stella, and enjoying life with her husband Douglas.

Do you see yourself as an influencer?

I had mixed feelings about it, but then a friend made me realize I was an influencer before I was an influencer on social media, so yes I do see myself as one.

When did you start creating content on social media, and what was your motivation for getting started?

I started in 2016, I was in between careers and it was an outlet to try something new.

How did you find your own voice in the space?

I think I am still finding my voice as my life evolves, and my niche is ever changes. I started as only Fashion and eventually adding beauty (skincare), travel, food, my dogs, my relationships as a wife and mother.

Who is your primary audience?

Women, ages 24-35

In what way does being a multicultural, Latinx, affect your content and make your connection with your audience stronger?

Being multicultural is amazing. My content can go from promoting a reggaeton concert, to the latest clairol hair product real quick. Our brains have extra storage for all the Latin and general market brands, products, and that makes us very unique in this industry as we share everything with extra flare and sazon.

Do you think it’s harder for Latinx creators and influencers to be taken seriously or noticed? Why or why not?

No I don’t think so, it hasn’t been my experience as I mostly work with general market brands.

What are some campaigns you have worked on that you are particularly fond of?

Some of my favorites campaigns are Olay, Clairol, Crest and Cabi because they were long-term, which made it more engaging with my audience.

What are your thoughts on working with brands to make ends meet?

As long as you like the brand I’m all for it. It’s also a way to learn about new brands you probably never hear of otherwise.

How do you select brands you work with?

Based on what they stand for, compatibility and payment

What would be your dream brand partnership?

So many! L’oreal, Nordstrom,Volvo, Marriott, Amex.

What do you wish brands knew when they work with influencers?

How much time and work it takes to create content.

How do you maintain your authentic voice in your channels while still partnering with brands?

By just being me, the brands saw something in me they liked, so why change to please or not offend someone.

Do you like to collaborate with other creators?

I would love to, its shows how a product can be used different ways.  I haven’t yet but I would love to. Depending on the type of content, I love so many content creators, from food, travel, fashion,

What does a typical day in your week look like?

First things first, check emails, take my dogs out, breakfast and instagram. Catch up with the news, reply to emails, work on content, photoshoots, blog posts, etc. Quick lunch, check for emails, dinner, go out for walk with my husband and the dogs, repeat.   

If you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into content creation, what would it be?

Simply start, do your research as you go along, find a group of people you click with and hustle.

Tell me about a time when you really impacted someone’s life with your social media content.  What was the result?

After my cancer diagnosis, so many people I didn’t know reached out, from a kid that her mom had the same type of cancer as to a lady was diagnosed herself. We are still in contact— it was therapeutic for me and informative to them.

What have been your keys to success?

Always being present, consistent, involved, this is not a 9-5 job.

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it?

At the very beginning I signed a long-term campaign with an off-price store, they would change the concept constantly, I had to go into the store every month and I don’t think I preformed as I would have done if I had more experience as I do now. 

If social media did not exist, what would you be doing right now?

Before social media I owned an online travel agency, I would probably still be doing that.  I also love real estate, flipping and interior decor/staging

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