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INFLUENSER Profile: The Salguero Family

“The point is not to pay back kindness but to pass it on.” – Julia Alvarez

Our latest INFLUENSER spotlight comes right in time to congratulate the Salguero Family for their 2MM milestone on Tik-Tok! Father and daughter duo, Jose and Diana launched their channel at the beginning of quarantine as a way to pass the time and as a hobby that they could do together as a family. Just one year later, they are now celebrating a growing and vibrant community of followers who have fallen in love with their charming dynamic, and playful videos. The Salguero Family’s content is a shining reminder that even during the darkest of times, our familias can still be a source of absolute joy and endless laughs. If you don’t follow them already, you are truly missing out!

When did you start creating content on social media, and what was your motivation for getting started?

One word. Quarantine…we never really were into social media or even imagined creating content weekly for thousands of people! But as schools closed down and people were laid off of work, millions including us, were sent to quarantine at home. I remember it being a Sunday afternoon, my Dad decided to make us some Salvadoran pupusas and my mom suggested us to make a Tiktok video since we were all bored out of our minds! Time flied by as we were having fun making this video, and once we were finished we posted it the next day! Making Tiktok videos has definitely helped us all to have fun and make memories during quarantine but as time passed we noticed we weren’t the only ones taking a laugh out of our videos as thousands started to watch our content! The fun in making videos and the sweet and supporting comments are what motivate us today to continue making content for everyone.

How did you find your own voice in the space? What would you say is your niche?

I remember a while back, one of our Tiktok videos went viral with over 50 million views! It was a video of my dad trying on three face masks over a course of three weeks. In this video we both talked, laughed, and were just ourselves! Once we saw how people loved our personalities and the things we would say, we both knew we had found our voice. Our niche is definitely a little bit of everything! We make videos of my dad making food with his stage name “chef fresh”, we post skincare with face masks, and make videos for entertainment such as challenges, pranks, and whatever is trending!


He wanted to be ✨fresh✨ before his BDAY🎉 #facemask #fyp #birthdaycountdown

♬ original sound – aMaR.

Who is your primary audience, and what do you think keeps them coming back to your channels?

Our primary audience would be mainly Latinos here in the USA. We 51 percent of followers coming from the United States while the rest are from other countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia! We think people keep coming back to our channel because we believe our content is relatable, positive and a safe space for everyone. 

In what way does being a multicultural, Latinx, affect your content and/or make your connection with your audience stronger/unique?

We love the Latino community and will always support it through our content. Whether it be making a Latino style dish by Chef Fresh or just sharing our story we always feel a strong connection from our Tiktok family. Our content influences people to not be ashamed or embarrassed about their ethical background or where they are from. One should always be proud of who they are and elevate the latino community together. As our culture is based strongly on family, we encourage our Tiktok familia to always support one another and never forget about family. We feel that because of how our culture influences our content, is what makes that strong connection with our audience.

Do you think its harder for Latinx creators and influencers to be taken seriously or noticed? Why or why not?

In society, Latinos have always had to work harder than anyone to achieve their dreams. We believe that unfortunately, it is harder for us Latinos to be taken seriously or noticed by the public because of stereotypes and insults. But, we should not give up on our hopes and dreams just because someone doesn’t take you seriously. We should use this to motivate us to go above and beyond, to run that extra mile and never give up on your hopes and dreams because no matter how big or impossible it may seem, with hard work and effort you can achieve anything.

Which social platforms do you prefer?

We prefer Tiktok! We recently launched our Instagram and hope to start making videos for Youtube soon!

What would be your dream brand partnership?

My dad says his dream brand partnership would be with Nike! He loves wearing Nike everywhere we go!

Tell me about a time when you really impacted someone’s life with your social media content. What was the result?

Our channel influences people to spend time with their families and to create long-lasting memories. I remember a while back, a person commented under a video I made with my dad wishing to have a close relationship with his dad like we do. We both told him to take every chance he could get to spend time with his dad and slowly rebuild that close relationship they once had. A couple of months ago, he thanked us for giving him that advice. He told us that through that advice we had given him, he now feels a close bond with his dad. Hearing this definitely made our day knowing that through our content, we could influence many to spend time with their families and build stronger bonds!

What have been your keys to success?

Our keys to success has definitely been finding an area of content where we both have fun and love continuing to bring laughs and joy to everyone. Even though my dad is a really shy guy, making content has really helped us get out of our shell and share our videos, whether it be face masks or an episode of Chef Fresh, to everyone!

If social media did not exist, what would you be doing right now?

If social media did not exist, I think we would still mess around and have fun like we normally do but just without posting it for everyone to see!

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