Latinx Tik-Tokers: Teachers & Educators Spotlight

While we all might be excited about the arrival of summer and the end of the school year, no one is more excited than the hard-working teachers and educators. I think we can all agree that they deserve this summer vacation more than anyone!

So, in the spirit of celebrating all the amazing things that teachers and educators do for our communities, we wanted to spotlight those who ON TOP of all their work, have dedicated themselves to also creating content for our enjoyment. The #TeachersofTikTok or #TikTokTeachers community is a vibrant one and we especially love to see the Latinx teachers representing! Here are just a few of our favorites…


Based in Chicago, Isaias takes his lessons outside of the classes and provides educational and informative content for all to absorb. He content varies from the “day in the life” of a teacher, to his favorite lonche, to vlogs of his travel adventures!


22 year old, Ms. López shares her experience as a young teacher of 3rd graders with her 100K+ followers on TikTok. From teaching tips to dance routines with her students, her content is honest and informative while also being fun and motivating!


They sanitized after this and wore their masks the entire time. Don’t come for me😂 #teachersoftiktok #teacher #teacherlife

♬ YRN – Farizki


Sofia and her “bunnies” aka her student will surely bring a smile to your face! Sofia’s content combines both her love for teaching with a little glimpse into her life outside the classroom as well. Her content that showcases teaching her students Spanish, along with her open admiration for Bad Bunny (now you see why she calls her students her bunnies?) are especially amazing! While she definitely deserves the time off, her in-class content over the summer break will be missed.


High school teacher, Vanessa is an absolute delight. Her content is relatable to teachers and non-teachers alike, as she shares moments inside the classroom but also highlights her favorite practical fashion pieces, dance steps and commentary on Latinx culture and issues.


Dude imagine if we give her coffee? 🤣 Said a student of mine as I walk by #teachersoftiktok #teachers

♬ Mentirosa – Ráfaga


Sharing the ups and downs of being a teacher in New York, Jonathan Kerby’s TikTok is filled with fun dances, facepalm teaching moments, and glimpses into his classroom life. You won’t make it very deep into his videos without discovering that he is a diehard Mets fan and and loves to share his passion for the sport with his students as well! Congrats on the 4th Grade Kickball Championship BTW!


In May, we forget everything we’ve learned the past year 😂 #TeachersOfTikTok

♬ original sound – Howieazy

It goes without saying, there are SO MANY more Latinx Teacher creators and influencers out there. We would love to highlight your favorites, so please drop the username in the comments below so the list can keep growing. Class is officially out of session…so get out there and enjoy your summer vacation!

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