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INFLUENSER Profile: Viohletta

‘Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

Our latest INFLUENSER spotlight is much more than Fotos y Recuerdos. @Viohletta is a Boston-based content creator whose videos will make your heart go Bidi Bidi Bom Bom. As the self-appointed CEO of “JLo en Selena,” Viohletta has mastered the art that is Selena Quintanilla…and if you don’t want to take our word for it, ask one of her 700K followers! Her content is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and would be a great addition to your TikTok timeline.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

I start the day with a great breakfast and make a to-do list. Later, I start my web developer job (I code display banner ads at an agency), when that is over I jump to do a LIVE with my TikTok followers and then shoot a TikTok I had planned. To keep motivated I eat dark chocolate! When in a creative funk, I take a break and spend time on DIY projects around my home!

How did you find your own voice in the space? What would you say is your niche?

I let my audience pick my niche! I started doing makeup tribute videos about Latinas that I admire back in December 2019. Once my Selena Quintanilla content started going viral I paid attention to the comments. It was a bit scary at first but I put myself out there!

Do you see yourself as an “influencer”, and if so, what does that mean to you? 

Yes, and it means representing my culture and my people.

In what way does being a multicultural, Latinx, affect your content and/or make your connection with your audience stronger/unique?

I make content in both English and Spanish. It is difficult when you don’t stick to one language but I choose to continue because I got emails from children of immigrants who enjoy Latinx content but don’t speak Spanish. I do it for them and for the little ones that are Latinx or allies who dress up like Selena and are fans just like me! Selena Quintanilla struggled between those two worlds and she’s my guiding light on this topic.

Which social platforms do you prefer?

My content is mainly on TikTok and Instagram but I plan to create long-form content on YouTube so that I can interact more with my audience and share more details in terms of makeup tutorials, tribute videos, and vlogs.


#duet with @netflixenespanol Nos vemos HOY por el en vivo de @netflixenespanol 6 p.m. PST #todoscomolaflor #SelenaNetflix

♬ Como La Flor – Selena

Do you work with brands? Can you share any brands or campaigns you have worked on that you are particularly fond of?

Yes, my favorite project to date was working with Netflix En Espanol and Netflix US. It was great to be able to share content in both English and Spanish in those platforms. As someone who learned English later in life, it was like coming full circle. I am now also a TikTok partner and I am super excited about it!

What do you wish brands knew when they work with influencers or when they approach you as an influencer?

I wish brands knew how to best reach the Latinx audience in an authentic way. There are so many talented Latinx content creators that it is just a matter of looking for them. Brands need to authentically care about diversity efforts. In addition, these creators deserve to be paid fairly for the work they do.

How do you maintain your authentic voice in your channels while still partnering with brands?

I partner with brands I enjoy and it makes for the best possible content. Because I work in advertising, the most important thing is to make content that others will enjoy. Each creator knows their audience very well and it shows in the work. It is important to know we are not making ads, we aim to entertain, educate and provide value.

If you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into content creation, social media and the world of influencing, what would it be?

The best advice I could give is to trust the process. Things take time but when they start from a place of love, they always work out. I still have fun producing content because it is my creative outlet. When it becomes a chore, always take a break. Mental health is most important!

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