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INFLUENSER Profile: Hoozay

Jose Velasquez aka Hoozay is a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, voice-over actor, and digital content creator. He is the son of Salvadoran immigrants and started performing stand-up comedy at the age of 19…and he has taken this combination of cultural heritage and comedy into the TikTok space to the delight of his growing community of 200K+ followers. Hoozay uses his platform to entertain and educate people about his Salvadoran culture using his playful brand of comedy…oh and did we mention pupusas? So many pupusas…promise, you won’t regret this follow!

When did you start creating content on social media, and what was your motivation for getting started?

I have been creating content in some form or another for years, but I really saw my content start to do well during the pandemic. During 2020 I tried to focus not on what was going on in the world but more on things that could distract people in these crazy times.

How did you find your own voice in the space? What would you say is your niche?

I try to keep my content in three categories COMEDY, CULTURE, and FOOD. It makes it easier for me to decide on the type of content to make. I find that If I have too many options I tend to have a hard time deciding on what to pick. Sometimes I’ll throw in a hair video just because I think it is funny.

Who is your primary audience, and what do you think keeps them coming back to your channels?

Anyone who loves to laugh, eat good food, and anyone who wants to learn about Salvadoran Culture.

In what way does being a multicultural, Latinx, affect your content and/or make your connection with your audience stronger/unique?

I think being a young Latinx raised in Compton surrounded by Mexican culture while being raised in a Salvadoran household gives me a unique perspective on life.

Do you think it’s harder for Latinx creators and influencers to be taken seriously or noticed?

I think so, I noticed when I did my Spanish #SalviSunday series my videos would get hundreds of thousands of views sometimes millions and they all featured big brands and not one reached out. I started doing the #HoozaysFoodtour in English and brands started reaching out. So I do think there are some biases towards Latinx creators.


#pupusas from @vchostruck hoping @lizzo sees this 🤣

♬ All The Way Up – Fat Joe & Remy Ma

Do you work with brands? Can you share any brands or campaigns you have worked on that you are particularly fond of?

I have collaborated with brands and I like to pick the ones that I think my followers would enjoy the most. We did a few videos with Vallarta Supermarkets and those were fun to do especially because I got to feature my mom and share her Salvadoran Quesadilla recipe and I got to spend some times with my parents.

What would be your dream brand partnership?

Pollo Campero! You hear that Pollo Campero…reach out already! Oh and any brand that can help me keep my colocho curls.

How do you maintain your authentic voice in your channels while still partnering with brands?

That is the hard part and the reason I only work with select brands. I think at the end of the day the audience knows when you are being authentic. Ultimately your brand and my brand need to fit so we can have Brand Babies.

If you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into content creation, social media, and the world of influencing, what would it be?

Be you! be authentic to who you are and the right people will find you.

Tell me about a time when you really impacted someone’s life with your social media content. What was the result?

I really started to notice my videos had a real-world impact when I started featuring small businesses. People were really taking notice and were going to the shops and purchasing from their website. I featured La Vela Creations one time and they had to stop their Esty account because it was too many orders.


Vaporu works on everything! Real candles from @lavelacreations #thinkingabout #candles #latinostiktok #solvingproblems with @xx_.doodle_bob._xx

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

What have been your keys to success?

I think at the end of the day, it’s trusting yourself. If you have an idea go for it! Plan, strategize, and execute!

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