Latinx Creators: Cuban Voices Spotlight

As we all watch from afar as Cubans take to the streets to protest, calling for an end to the 62-year-old communist regime, it is easy to feel helpless and not know what we can do to be an ally to the Cuban people at this historic time. It’s important to listen to Cuban and Cuban-American voices in the movement who can give us the best advice on how to support this cause.

To help direct you to reliable and powerful voices in this community, we have gathered a quick list of creators who you can follow to stay informed. This is obviously not a comprehensive list, so please leave a comment with other creators you can recommend so this list will grow!


Their bio of “We are a community of Cuban Americans moving our gente PA’LANTE until we are all free.” says it all! This powerful network of creators and activists has been gathering funds to recharge cell phone minutes in Cuba and provide mutual aid….so if you are looking for a way to support monetarily, definitely check out their latest donation update!


You probably know Jenny from her beloved characters like Abuelita, but as a Cuban-American, she has been very vocal about her support for the movement and has been using her platform to drive awareness and amplify the voices of others. Most recently, she participated in a comedy night in support of CubaAmp which works to subtitle videos from the Cuban people into English so they can be shared more easily across English media outlets and social media channels.


The Afro-Cuban model and singer, daughter of comedian Alexis ValdΓ©s, has been a powerful voice on social media during this movement. She shares insightful and informative videos while also amplifying the voices of others.


For those who prefer podcasts, check out “Pero Let Me Tell You.” While they cover every topic under the sun, more recently they have focused more of their discussions on the movement in Cuba and also share informative videos on their Instagram account. One of the founders even attended the recent protest in DC.


One of the more unique approaches to amplifying Cuban voices, Cari Garcia of FatGirlHedonist as found a creative way to combine food with the movement! While watching her prep her favorite Cuban recipes, you can also listen to interesting and informative audio clips which she has as the background music for these videos.


Long before the protests in Cuba made headlines, Marisa has used her platform to raise awareness of the conditions in Cuba and amplify powerful stories from the island. She is a great person to follow for real-time updates and a details on the updates on the protests in Cuba.

Again, this list is just a glimpse of the creators and activists who are speaking out and sharing important updates about what is happening in Cuba…but we want to hear from YOU! Let us know what other creators should be featured in this spotlight.

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