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INFLUENSER Profile: Abiud Sandoval

You might already know him as the creator of the #SandoTwist or maybe even as the “FedEx guy” on TikTok, but take a minute to get to know a little more about this charismatic creator, Abiud Sandoval! Based in LA, Abiud’s viral dance videos and playful collabs have attracted a growing community of over 600K followers, so if you haven’t already…definitely give him a follow!

Do you see yourself as an Influencer?

I see myself as a content creator because I dedicate my time and talent to making content that entertains my followers, usually more about dancing or being funny. And that content can influence people!

When did you start creating content on social media, and what was your motivation for getting started?

Personally, I’ve been on social media for a few years, but it wasn’t till recently in October 2020 that I started taking social media more seriously! My original #SandoTwist dance video went viral on TikTok during that time, so I had to step it up. My motivation has always been my mother who also danced and taught me traditional Latinx dances.

How did you find your own voice in the space?

My niche is entertainment with a focus on dance videos on TikTok but I’m also creating more kinds of content variety for brands, events, and collaborations. Because of my background with dance, seeing my mom dance, and being into breakdancing, it was natural for this to be my voice.

Who is your primary audience, and what do you think keeps them coming back to your channels?

Everyone loves a delivery guy! My audience is everywhere because nowadays everyone shops online, especially Amazon, and I happen to deliver for FedEx as my daytime job

In what way does being a multicultural, Latinx, affect your content?

Because I’m Latino, my multicultural followers connect with me and my content on a stronger and more personal level. One thing I always try to do is add my Latino flavor to all the social media trends I do — this twist makes it unique to us.

Which social platforms do you prefer?

TikTok is the platform I prefer because of how easy they’ve made it for me to connect with everyone, entertain them, and engage with followers. I go Live almost daily!

Do you work with brands? Can you share any brands or campaigns you have worked on that you are particularly fond of?

Yes, I like working with brands, I’ve partnered with Carl’s Jr, Netflix, The Coldest Water, Fisher Nuts, JobCase, and others I can’t mention just yet until the launch of the campaigns!.

How do you select brands you work with?

I try my best to select brands that would make sense for my audience and be appealing to my followers with relevant campaigns.

What would be your dream brand partnership?

My dream partnership would be ADIDAS! I always wear their shoes and clothing, plus it’s active for dancing and delivering packages.

Do you like to collaborate with other creators?

I love collaborating with other creators because it helps bring our audiences together. Some of the coolest creators that I have a collab with are @TwistedPennywise, @FrenchMontana, @BailRok, @MontanaTucker, @ImHipHopHarry, and even @MaddChadd. I would love to collaborate with Jason Derulo, Jabbawockeez, and in-person with Becky G because she recently shared one of my videos.

Don’t forget to check out Abiud on both TikTok and Instagram and get ready to dance! Are there any other Latinx creators you think we should spotlight? Let us know below in the comments!

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